Antenatal Classes

Crash course available

Parents expecting multiples (twins, triplets or more) we offer a antenatal class with multiple specific course info and birth videos.

Session Information:

Session 1:
Welcome/get to know each other/ changes in pregnancy/ warning signs in pregnancy, pregnancy massage, what to pack for hospital

Session 2:
Labour and vaginal birth, pain relief during labour

Session 3:
C-section and assisted birth, birth-plan

Session 4:
Post natal changes in mom, when to worry

Session 5:
New-born baby, SiDS, when to worry, jaundice, first aid kit

Session 6:
Breastfeeding and expressing

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Antenatal class 3
Antenatal class 2
Antenatal class 1


Hospital visits to help with feeding.
Home visits / clinic visit for breastfeeding help and support.
We offer breastfeeding workshops from time to time.
– Back to basics
– Expressing when going back to work

Hospital Grade Ameda breast pumps available to hire or purchase.

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Click here for the rental option.
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We currently follow the private 6-10-14 weeks schedule at little monkeys clinic.
You can download the Vaccine Schedules for South Africa for 2015 by clicking here.

General Growth Checks & Advice

We monitor little ones growth according to the WHO growth standards, for babies born prematurely we follow the Fenton growth chart for premmies untill we can continue on the general growth chart in the road to health book.

Milestones are monitored and suggestions for activities given to reach these milestones

With the start of solids we discuss when and how to start

Although I am not a sleep trainer, and take a non-cry it out view РI am always happy to give advise as to what is normal and needed from a baby at this sensitive time.

clinic hours

Located inside the Mommy Wellness Day Spa Durbanville.

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